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It all started one fine morning...

when the doting dad was enjoying a paddleball session with his lovely daughter. In the midst of the game, it suddenly struck him that something is missing and won’t it be really cool if the rackets were animated? What if, as the rackets moved, players would have seagulls flying or horses running? The futuristic thought inspired him to work on the next-generation concept of animated paddleball rackets and after a month of dedication & hard work, Tasos and his team was ready with the...

World's first animated paddleball rackets





wooden beach rackets

The best seller toy of 2016

The Magic Rackets are available in a wide range of one of a kind designs. There are rackets with the mythical Pegasus flying or the SeaWorld swimming under the sea, a herd of wild animals running fast, dinosaurs fleeing being chased by fireballs and many more.









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We all have been into paddleball for long but there has been something missing all through-until now!
To add the extra zing to my paddleball sessions with my daughter, I came up with the revolutionary idea of animated rackets
and am now looking forward to share the amazing toy with all the paddleball players out there.
Whether you are playing in a beach or your local park or at your own backyard, our Magic Rackets
would mean new level of thrill and excitement everywhere. My innovative rackets would be amazing for kids & adults alike.”


  • Daddy, I love you. They are as I imagined them. Thank you!!!

    - My Daughter -
  • I can't decide which one to choose!!!

    - George, 7 years old -
  • They are wonderfull! I will play every day.

    - Ioanna, 9 years old. -


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